FAQ 2: Where is the Reception?

by Rebecca ~ October 13th, 2009

Our reception will be held at Kiwanis Lodge (pavilion 22) which is in Lancaster Central Park. Kiwanis Lodge is a completely indoors facility, complete with restrooms and central heating.

To get to Kiwanis Lodge:

From Willow Valley:
Turn right at the exit onto Rt 272/Willow Street Pike.
Turn right onto Rts 222/741/Beaver Valley Pike.
Turn left onto Eshleman Mill Rd.
You will see the park entrance on the left.
Follow signs to Pavilion 22.

From Rt 462E:
Follow Rt 462/Columbia Ave. It will turn into King Street.
Turn right onto Duke Street.
*At the Y-intersection, stay on Duke Street.
You will pass several entrances to the park.
Turn right onto Eshleman Mill Road.
At the split, stay to the right.
After you cross the metal bridge, you will see the park entrance on the right.
Follow signs to Pavilion 22.

From Rt 462W:
Follow Rt 462/Lincoln Hwy It will turn into Orange Street.
Turn left onto Duke Street.
Follow above directions from the *

Or use the map below:

Link to Map: http://www.weddingmapper.com/lancaster/pa/visit/0d1ya1

FAQ #1 – Where are you Registered and Why?

by Rebecca ~ October 12th, 2009

We are registered at Amazon.co.uk. We picked Amazon UK for several reasons. First of all, Rebecca is moving gto the UK to live with Tim, who already owns the house they will live in and he has lived there for 14 years. Rebecca also has lived away from home several times, so we already have most of the household items a new couple would need for setting up house. Amazon UK gives us the chance to put things on the list that are on the fun side – things like DVDs and books that other stores don’t have the opportunity to list. We also needed to consider the shipping factor. Registering at a US company would have required items to be shipped at some point from the US to the UK. There are also many things that are different between the US and the UK. For example, the beds are different sizes, even though they are called the same names. Sheets purchased in the US would not fit on a UK bed. The electricity in the UK is different than it is in the US and US appliances either need to be rated for dual voltage (things like mobile phones, MP3 players, and laptops) or we would need to purchase special converters to use them. By registering for UK specific electronics, we hope to avoid this problem.

Of course, you are under no obligation to get us anything. We’ve only set up a registry because we were asked if we had one. What’s important to us is sharing the day with our friends and family.

Invitations Are on the Way!

by Rebecca ~ October 10th, 2009

The invitations have all been dropped off at the post office so some of you local should be seeing them on Tuesday. I’m hoping everyone receives their invite by Friday, but if you haven’t gotten it by Monday, please let us know.   Unfortunately, we couldn’t send out as many invitations as we wanted to because we lacked addresses for some people. If you have been planning on coming, but did not receive an invitation, please let us know.

Welcome to Our Wedding Site!

by Rebecca ~ October 8th, 2009

Welcome to our wedding site.  Within the next few days, we will be updating this with important links and information for our guests!

On the sidebar you will find links to other sites related to our wedding, such as the hotel we have rooms blocked off at, a wedding map, the park we are having the reception at, and other useful links.

Check back soon for more information!

Hello world!

by Rebecca ~ October 8th, 2009

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!