FAQ #1 – Where are you Registered and Why?

by Rebecca ~ October 12th, 2009. Filed under: Wedding Registry, faq.

We are registered at Amazon.co.uk. We picked Amazon UK for several reasons. First of all, Rebecca is moving gto the UK to live with Tim, who already owns the house they will live in and he has lived there for 14 years. Rebecca also has lived away from home several times, so we already have most of the household items a new couple would need for setting up house. Amazon UK gives us the chance to put things on the list that are on the fun side – things like DVDs and books that other stores don’t have the opportunity to list. We also needed to consider the shipping factor. Registering at a US company would have required items to be shipped at some point from the US to the UK. There are also many things that are different between the US and the UK. For example, the beds are different sizes, even though they are called the same names. Sheets purchased in the US would not fit on a UK bed. The electricity in the UK is different than it is in the US and US appliances either need to be rated for dual voltage (things like mobile phones, MP3 players, and laptops) or we would need to purchase special converters to use them. By registering for UK specific electronics, we hope to avoid this problem.

Of course, you are under no obligation to get us anything. We’ve only set up a registry because we were asked if we had one. What’s important to us is sharing the day with our friends and family.

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