FAQ 3 – Where can I stay/What is public transportation like?

by Rebecca ~ October 18th, 2009. Filed under: Transportation, faq.

The closest hotel to the reception site is Willow Valley, and Tim and I have blocked off some rooms for guests to reserve. Just mention Lockley Wedding when you reserve your room. Willow Valley is also marked on the Mapper by the bed icon. However, Lancaster has many hotel options if you do not wish to stay at Willow Valley. The main tourism site for the county is 800padutch, where you will find a listing of most of the local hotels. I do recommend you check hotel reviews on Trip Advisor before you book, as not all hotels in the area are as nice as others. I would personally try to avoid hotels that are directly in downtown Lancaster, as you might have to pay for parking in one of the garages or park on the street. Any of the hotels listed as being on Lincoln Highway are actually on the other side of town from us and close to the tourist attractions. You are more than welcome to book at one of those hotels, but you will be looking at about a 20 minute drive. When running a hotel search, look for hotels in Willow Street (yes, that’s a town), Millersville, or close to the zip code 17603. Avoid the Travelodge on Columbia Avenue.

There is little public transportation in Lancaster. We do have a public bus service called RRTA. I have never ridden on it, but judging by the map, Route 1 will get you close enough to the park that it would only be a short walk to the reception site. The Lancaster airport is located north of downtown, close to Lititz and has has several rental car services you can reserve though. Lancaster is also served by Amtrak on the Keystone and the Pennsylvanian. The station is located at the Northern edge of the city and you would need to take a taxi to the reception. Taxis are usually lined up and waiting for customers. Two of the main companies in the area are Friendly Transportation (717-392-2222) and Yellow Cab (717 397-8100).

Unfortunately, Tim and I are unable to provide transportation.

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